Up In Arms Museum
The story behind my museum:

It's Marlene's fault!!!

I was having heart problems and the doctor couldn't get a handle on it.​​​​ One day he told me that he thought it was only stress. He asked me what I did to relax. I explained, "Just work." He said that is going to kill me. He goes on to ask "Do you like sports, hunting, fishing, gambling, or anything?" I said "No." From that point he said I needed to find something to do to help me relax. That was about the time I was 50 years old. Marlene asked me what I wanted for my birthday. "there is a tool I need..." She interrupted me and said "I am not buying you a damn tool."

We spent all our money building our business and family which meant no birthday gifts, no anniversary gifts and no Christmas gifts for each other. She said I want to give you something that is just personally you. I thought for a few days and told her that when we were growing up that we would play cowboys and Indians. "I would like an original Colt 45." So she found an auction in Enid, Oklahoma that had a couple in it. We purchased one and I was hooked. On the gun and on the history behind it. I only buy guns and other artifacts that have a story with it. I have collected a lot of weapons and memorabilia of many different famous people. This is the purpose of this museum. I want others to enjoy it as much as I do.

The building will be an old west town front with an interior vault. Come enjoy!

Watch as this dream comes to life:​​
Vault door installed